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Personal Fitness Training

In shape, out of shape, looking to lose weight, maintain the scale, or just looking to eat and live a healthier lifestyle, this is the place and the time to meet with Napafit!

One-on-One Fitness Coaching and Training

  • 1 hour weekly personalized workout
  • Weekly workout & cardio plans (see A La Carte Menu)
  • Fitness planning session: Body fat assessment and body measurements
  • Weekly accountability reminders
  • Weekly nutrition journal (see A La Carte Menu)

2016 Napa FEES:                                        2016 Upvalley/Sonoma/AmCam                       

*Single Session $100/hr                                *Single Session $150/hr

-4 sessions $375/month                              -4 sessions $575/month

-8 sessions $750/month                              -8 sessions $1100/month

-12 sessions $1100/month                            -12 sessions $1650/month

*Small Group training (3 to 4 women): $200/hr             *$275/hr

*Couples Training ( 2 people): $150/hr                            *$200/hr

*Corporate groups (15-20 people): $400/hr                   *$500/hr

 A La Carte Menu:

-Workout plan per person: $150 (must be a current client-otherwise a single session must occur to create workout plan)

-Workout plan per person with purchase of 4 sessions: $100

-Weekly nutrition journaling per person: $100 a month