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"Almost a year ago I called Ines to help me get back on track with a regular exercise program that I could do at home. My life, which is not a lot different than others I know, is busy. There are only so many things that I could fit into each day and pretty soon (like for 3 years) I had cut out exercise. I had lost the motivation and drive to do it on my own and didn't see any way I was going to have time to go to the gym. Ines came to me, loaded with weights, bands, all the props needed, along with her knowledge and enthusiasm for fitness. Her motivation and infectious energy are spilling out of her and you just want to try and figure out how to get a little of what she has and she is more than willing to share. My body and my life have improved with regular exercise thanks to Ines, my trainer, my friend."

Patti Long - Napa,