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Kristi_Hammond_Before Kristi_Hammond_After
10 Months Later

"I thank god for my was one of my friends who saw me walking one summer night at Silverado C.C. And gave me a boot camp flier......the next day I called and left a message with Ines stating that I had worked out all my life but wanted to step it up a notch. I started bikini boot camp June of 2008, 2 days a week and have been part of bikini boot camp since then. In March I set a goal with Ines that I wanted to be the weight I was as a senior in high school. (127lbs). Weighing in @ 144lbs I was on a mission to lose some serious weight.  Proudly, today w/ so much thanks to Ines for her caring, professionalism, and most of all an awesome friend that I have gained, the first week of June boot camp I was measured and weighted in at 126.8.  I love you Ines and you will go far with your talent and love for what you do."

Loss of 20 lbs, 12 inches and timed mile 12 minutes to 9 minutes.

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