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10 Months Later

"I may not ever get into a bikini, but Ines Donnelly, Masterful Bikini Boot Camp Sergeant; has made me believe it is possible if I choose that as a goal. Ines has given me the confidence to accomplish a level of fitness and health that I never believed was possible. Prior to boot camp I believed I was destined to be unfit and overweight for life. After two sessions I have lost 57 pounds and for the first time in my life see fitness and health as something I can maintain as a lifestyle for the rest of my life. Ines has given me the tools to achieve this. She knows a person’s ability and brings it out with support, a desire to get you to your goal and firm expectations. Ines is a part of every workout in my head as I hear her say “if you aren’t here to get the most out of your workout then go home,” and “you aren’t leaving until burn 500 calories by the end of the workout.” The other great thing about boot camps is all the encouragement and inspiration from all the other women. They are always lending an encouraging “good job.” Ines, boot camp and the supportive women are a successful combination. I am seeing results that I never imagined! Thanks Ines."

Loss of 57 lbs, 26 inches, and timed mile 14 minutes to 11 minutes.

Christie Gratton - Napa,