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10 Months Later

"Bikini Bootcamp is addicting! Ines is so inspirational; she knows when to be hard on you, when to have fun and when you need that extra bit of motivation. The girls in BBC also help motivate each other so that you really feel like part of a team. You move forward in fitness and health because of the support of your peers and time flies because you are having so much fun! Before I started BBC I couldn't even run 10 minutes without stopping. Now I can run for over an hour straight and it's the best feeling in the world. Ines is so creative when it comes to fitness and she really takes your needs into account. She wants you to succeed and is personally invested in your achievements. She gives you the tools to not only meet your goals, but to surpass them. She also knows so much about health and fitness and how they relate to women. I have dropped over 29 inches and 75 lbs in 8 months and I would have completely failed without Bikini Bootcamp ! Bikini Bootcamp has become a way of life, and I'll never go back!"

Loss of 85 lbs, 30 inches and timed mile 12 minutes to 8 minutes.

Serena Wellman - Napa,