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Bridal Bootcamps

BRIDAL BOOTCAMP :: Now, Drop Down and Give Me Twenty!


  • Are you getting married in 2012?
  • Do you want to be in the best shape of you life for your special day?
  • Is that dress fitting a little snug?
  • Do you want to look amazing in those wedding photographs that last FOREVER?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then Bridal Bikini Bootcamp is waiting for YOU!

bridal bootcamp napa



ring1 1 CARAT :: $300

{4 weeks @ 3x/week}

ring2 2 CARAT :: $575

{8 weeks @ 3x/week}

ring3 BLING :: $720

{12 weeks @ 3x/week}

What is Bridal Bikini Bootcamp?

Bridal Bikini Bootcamp features a 4 to 12 week program with a certified personal trainer and a celebrity nutritionist-Cheryl Forberg. Our program is geared to make every bride feel beautiful, healthy and confident as she walks down the aisle.

When can I join Bridal Bikini Bootcamp?

Classes are structured to work with your schedule, and can begin at your earliest opportunity.

Who can participate in Bridal Bikini Bootcamp?

Primarily brides and bridesmaids, but we are excitedly accepting mothers of the bride/groom and any lady who wants to get in shape for the big day!

"I wanted to be in shape and beautiful on my wedding day, like every bride does. Adding Bikini Bootcamp to my full time job and full time wedding planning seemed a little crazy at first. But, the overwhelming sense of accomplishment that came with running 5 miles, which I never thought I was capable of, took all of the stress away and made me feel I was glowing from the inside out.
Thank you so much Ines...!" ~ Amanda

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