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15,000 Calorie Club


15,000 Calorie Club

(Running, Walking, Swimming, Biking, Skiing, Cardio machines, Exercise classes, Bootcamp)

*Must have Heart Rate Monitor to play*

January: 1,250 calories total

February: 2,500 calories total

March: 3,750 calories total

April: 5,000 calories total

May: 6,250 calories total

June: 7,500 calories total

July: 8,750 calories total

August: 10,000 calories total

September: 11,250 calories total

October: 12,500 calories total

November: 13,750 calories total

December: 15,000 calories total

120-Mile Club

ALL Mileage has to be purposeful exercise

September: Complete 10 miles walking or running or both

October: Complete 20 miles

November: Complete 30 miles

December: Complete 40 miles

January: Complete 50 miles

February: Complete 60 miles

March: Complete 70 miles

April: Complete 80 miles

May: Complete 90 miles

June: Complete 100 miles

July: Complete 110 miles

August: Complete 120 miles!!! HOORAY!!!

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