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About Us


Achieving Fitness Success without ever having to leave your Home!

Whether you are recovering from surgery, wanting to lose weight, or striving to reach better sport-specific conditioning, Napafit is highly qualified to help you achieve your goals. Napafit has several ACE Personal Training Certifications to meet your individual needs, featuring One-on-One, Couple, and Group programs. Napafit is experienced in providing you the education and nutritional information essential for a safe, effective exercise plan.

Personal Training

  • Travel to you so you can exercise in the comfort of your home.
  • We design your personal fitness training programs especially for you based on your goals and your current fitness level.
  • Help you stay focused, accountable, and motivated
  • Vary your routine for best results
  • We make your workouts fun! You’ll stretch, lift, tone, kick and step your way to fitness.
  • Reduce intimidation
  • Enhance strength and conditioning to improve your quality of life

ABOUT ines

about-1Achieving Fitness Success without ever having to leave your Home!

Fitness training is undeniably my passion.

My ultimate goal providing ACE personal training is to give everyone a safe, effective and fun workout. Starting an exercise program at home or at a gym can be a life-changing experience. If you have wanted to start training but lacked the inspiration, I will supply it. If you have thought about a personal training program but lacked the drive, I will develop it. If you have gone through periods of training and not been able to sustain the motivation to stay committed, I will inspire the commitment. I wish you all the best on your fitness journey and hopefully we’ll be able to work together soon!

I have lived in the Napa valley for twenty years. My love of competitive sports such as basketball, track and tennis sparked my interest in physical fitness. In my senior year at Vintage High School I became an ACE-certified fitness and kickboxing instructor. The same year I was hired at HealthQuest Fitness Center where I soon started teaching body sculpting, ball classes and became certified in Aqua, Spinning and Pilates. After graduating from Vintage High School I moved to Los Angeles and attended UCLA where I majored in Communications. While studying in Los Angeles I continued my love and passion for fitness by working for the UCLA Fitness Center, LA Fitness and Bally’s Total Fitness. After graduating from UCLA in 2003 I became an ACE-certified personal trainer.

In August, 2003, while working at LA Fitness I was privileged to train members of the Royal family of Saudi Arabia. I was invited to continue with their training in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Within a short period of time my client base occupied my entire day. Not only did I have the privilege of working with some wonderful people, I also had the opportunity of traveling to places like Egypt, Sri Lanka, Dubai, France and Switzerland. It was the experience of a lifetime!

In June, 2004, I returned home and started my own business, "Napafit". It is my goal to bring my clients the very best! I hope that my experiences and workout programs give everyone as much success as they have given me.