- Weight Loss Program - $55 a month.
- Monthly Gym Fees - $125 a month.
- Lose 15 pounds, 14 inches - hard work and commitment.
- Personal Trainer, Ines Donnelly - PRICELESS.


Patty Magro - Napa

"Ines is a very tough, hard working, organized, challenging young trainer. She trained me for more than a year and I've noticed the change in my body. I've had lots of trainers (private) but never like Ines. She has a big smile on her face which I like a lot when I have someone training me. She pushes you to your limits, works you out a whole hour non-stop without you wanting to give up! You would love Ines's workouts! Trust me on that! Till this day my body is still fit because I'm working through Ines's footsteps."

Princess Anoud - Saudi Arabia

"Ines developed an integrated training program that helped me reach a whole new level of fitness. Her creativity across multiple dimensions combined with her energy and spirit made the difference. We worked in the swimming pool, ran drills in the vineyards, spent time with the BOSU Ball, and rode the bike together. I could not have made it through my first Triathlon without Ines's tailored training program. She is a true inspiration!"

Scott - San Jose

"Getting my body back after cancer was really hard. My muscles had turned to mush and I wasn't seeing results after I had gone back to the gym. I needed a change in my routine. Since I have been working out with Ines my body is looking better then it ever did. (Who knew I had biceps?!) She also taught me that you should be proud of your body no matter how it looks, because we are all different. I've never felt so alive!"

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say THANK YOU! Thanks for the awesome class tonight! I have a way I measure my workouts by how much I sweat, I have never sweat this BAD! Also I wanted to say thanks for pushing me and being a great trainer, and friend!!! Hope you have a great night and I will look forward to seeing you tomorrow for our session!" - e-mail

Andrea - Napa

"I too wish we could train together everyday!"

‘Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die’ - unknown

Good health is what I strive to maintain. Ines you are the one person I trust to help me keep my youthful edge (at 46+)Having been an athlete for some 30 years in one sport or another I realize the importance of effective-proper-and safe training protocol. I knew I needed a personal trainer to help me so I looked at the possibilities-I took sculpt classes and ball classes and a variety of cardio classes. The classes I took taught by you Ines were the best classes! I liked your music- I liked your moves-I liked the way you cued to keep everyone safe with good form and maximum benefit of the exercise ,but what I liked the most was ; YOUR PASSION--YOUR LOVE--YOUR JOY for what you are doing--the energy and motivation you instill is the key to your success as a fitness trainer! I look forward to every private session and hope to make you proud of My efforts you cant do the exercise for me-but your voice is in my head every rep of the routine the days I train on my own - when I want to stop your lasting enthusiasm gets me over the hurdles we all experience as athletes to bring it home with a strong finish the results speak for themselves our teamwork is a success story! Thank you for being my personal fitness trainer! Thank you for being my friend!"

"Ms Donnelly you are the fitness queen I worship the fitness floors you walk on, but yesterday as I was skiing the double diamond runs at Kirkwood my favorite cuss word was Ines! The 12 inches of fresh powder that fell Tuesday night required more strength and endurance than usual. The burn that I had all day in my legs and arms from your loving coaching on Monday overwhelmed me to curse your name all day!" - e-mail

Eugene - Napa


"The best part about working out with Ines is her passion for your individual physical fitness. Through her knowledge and love for exercise Ines is able to design a workout to fit your personal lifestyle and fitness goals. Through her guidance, instruction and motivation Ines will help educate and strengthen your mind and body."

Carissa - Napa

"Ines brings and energy and spirit to exercise that motivates me to keep going. There is never a dull moment in working out with Ines."

Jen - New York

"I’ve worked out in many different gyms and fitness classes, but have never received as noticeable results as I have with Ines’s class. It is a full body workout and she makes you do things that you don't think are possible, but they are. Ines varies the program from session to session with never the same routine. I am challenged, encouraged and the atmosphere is always fun and positive. I always look forward to my next class with her. The results are amazing and my body has changed its look and its strength. All in all, Ines is the best!"

Monin - Napa

"The challenging workout sessions with Ines are changing my body so fast! If anyone can get you ready for swimsuit season it is Ines! She kicks your butt and doesn't let you quit no matter what! This knowledgeable, beautiful and enthusiastic young woman is worth every cent and more for her tough and ever-changing workouts! I have had personal trainers for the past fifteen years in New York City, Napa, Cleveland and the Dominican Republic; Ines ranks in the top three best, honestly! She is a star trainer for discriminating clients who demand quality. Ines will not disappoint you!"

Dena - Napa/NYC


"Dear Ines:
I wanted to thank you for giving my workout the kick it needed. By diversifying my current schedule and giving me more options while working out at my heath club. I feel as though I am actually working the muscles I need to.

I work out 4 times each week and have been feeling as though I am getting nowhere, but when I train with you I feel muscles I never felt before. This is a good thing! You make training fun.

I look forward to meeting with you every 60 days so that we can change the routine and make sure I get what I workout to get, Results!

Keep up the great work."

Annette Bosque - Napa

"Almost a year ago I called Ines to help me get back on track with a regular exercise program that I could do at home. My life, which is not a lot different than others I know, is busy. There are only so many things that I could fit into each day and pretty soon (like for 3 years) I had cut out exercise. I had lost the motivation and drive to do it on my own and didn't see any way I was going to have time to go to the gym. Ines came to me, loaded with weights, bands, all the props needed, along with her knowledge and enthusiasm for fitness. Her motivation and infectious energy are spilling out of her and you just want to try and figure out how to get a little of what she has and she is more than willing to share. My body and my life have improved with regular exercise thanks to Ines, my trainer, my friend."

Patti Long - Napa

"In less than 6 months I went from a small build with skin, bones and excess fat to a lean athletic build with hard, defined muscles. In just 3 months I could tell a difference and now after 9 months, the differences are like night and day with photos to prove. Ines drives you to success!"

Aaron Slator - San Francisco Police Officer

Ines is a compassionate kind and spiritual person who cares deeply about her clients and inspires them to achieve their personal bests...she is a uniquely skilled, organized, and dynamic trainer and you could not put yourself in better hands.



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